Why Reichmann

Why Reichmann

Our services are From Hire to Fire, thus we provide guidelines with regards to security risks; we assess them in order to protect our customers. 

Our tools are effective and at a glance, each company can see the statuses of their future employees and also our comments while conducting the investigations.

Expertise in Credentialing

Reichmann Asset Management has experience in providing guidelines with regards to credentialing as per each HR’s Policy.
There are 2 verification packages we offer: Executives (€250 ) or Non-Executive Packages (€150).

Candidate Experience

If the candidate/associate provided correct information to our customers, has nothing to fear, but if something is false, we will find it and will provide the info to HR and they will take the decision of hiring or firing them.

Integrity of Data

When the check is done, within the tool, the employers can see a report that contains the evidence of our investigation. They can also see the attachments of the employees papers/documents that are a proof of the experience/education they actually had. The document can be used when hiring a person from abroad or from other countries (non EU, or non USA) as per EU/USA law.

Fast Turnaround Times

We have a standard 7 days turn around time (TAT). Sometimes we require more info from Police or other government institutions in order to assess the risk of the employee and therefore we have to wait until the docs are provided.