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Who we are

Reichmann Asset Management is a screening dedicated company.

Our background verifications help your business to move further by having the right people in your desired positions. We offer solutions From Hire to Fire, hence we try to help our clients to find people, that have the right experience for their roles and also to guide them with the disengagement of their associates. Our background checks mitigate the risk from scratch and all of our clients are protected.

Their business and their success is our success and this way we want to grow with our clients by offering them suitable solutions in handling staffing.
We have online tools and our customers can see the status of all the checks live, also may find the documentation/proof that attests the experience of their employees. Last but not least, we have a database with talents and our algorithms provide some hints in taking the decision of engagement or not.


How Do I request a copy of the background check?

You can call us at +40.771.232.116 or email us at office@reichmann.ro
Monday-Friday, 9am to 7pm Bucharest, Romania

Reichmann Asset Management SRL
Attn: Consumers Department
Florilor Street, no. 11, bl. J1, sc. A, ap. 307
Postal Code 077175, Cosmopolis Residential Place, Stefanestii de Jos, Ilfov, Romania

How Do I Dispute the Accuracy of My Background Report/File?

The dispute investigation process generally may take up to 30 days, depending on the nature, scope and source of the information being disputed. You may contact us directly or send a letter to us or email us at office@reichmann.ro

Why Reichmann

Our services are From Hire to Fire, thus we provide guidelines with regards to security risks; we assess them in order to protect our customers.

Our tools are effective and at a glance, each company can see the statuses of their future employees and also our comments while conducting the investigations.


We respond quickly to questions.